Australian Wildflowers Patterns: Set of 10 (by Val Moore)


  • Finished Quilt Size: 2.35 metres x 2.35 metres
  • Designer: Val Moore
  • Patterns: The full set of 10 Australia Wildflowers Patterns
  • Individual patterns available ($12.95 each)




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Designer: Val Moore is from Cheltenham, New South Wales, Australia. Val has been quilting since 1976. She owned a quilt store in Sydney from 1982-88 and taught quilting (mostly appliqué) in her store. Her shop was one of the few in Sydney at the time. Since moving on from the quilt store she has been freelance teaching and writing for Australian quilt magazines. Since 1991, together with a quilting friend, Val has been annually taking a group of Australian quilters to the USA. Val dabbles in botanical watercolor painting, drawing and has designed appliqué patterns with Australian wildflowers. She is an experienced patch worker and appliquér who has produced many award winning floral quilts over the years drawing on her extensive skills as a botanic artist to create these true-to-life designs.

Description: The full set of 10 Australia Wildflowers Patterns by Val Moore.
Instructions are for either hand or machine appliqué combined with extensive hand embroidery to bring out the exquisite fine detail. General requirements and complete details for fabric and thread selecting are included within pattern.

Technique: Applique`

Finished Quilt Size: 2.35 metres x 2.35 metres

SKU: Ptn_AW-Setof10


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