Box of Freezer Paper. 20 metres x 45 centimetres.

Box of Freezer Paper

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General Craft Applications may include:

  • Templates
  • Tracing
  • Non-slip stencils
  • Line drawers and shelves
  • Personalise and create designs
  • Useful as a baste layer when painting or using wet materials.

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Method 1. Applique Easy

Step 1. Draw design on the paper side of your paper and cut out.

Step 2. Pin the paper side of your freezer paper to the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 3. Cut around template with a ¼” seam allowence. Cut slits in to any curved areas of the seams allowence to ease fabric. Remove pins.

Step 4. With a dry, hot iron, press the seam allowence lightly over the edge of the template. Avoid touching the shiny side of the paper with the iron.

Step 5. Place the shiny side down and lightly iron template into position to background. Further machine or hand stitch leaving a small opening unstitched.

Step 6. Using tweezers, pull out the freezer paper through unstitched area and stitch close.

Roll Size:  20 metres x 45 centimetres

SKU: ER9990



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